Gov Mbah announces  palliative of N10,000 to N25000 to Enugu Workers, increases social register enrolment to 260,000

Enugu state Governor, Dr Peter Mbah has announced  a flat payment of between N10,000 to N25,000 to Local and State Government workers  to cushion the effects of removal of fuel subsidy and  hardship faced by increase in the cost of living.

The Governor has also increased the social register enrolment from 43,000 to 260,000, promising to lift more indigent citizens through cash transfers and other social interventions.

Mbah who announced that, Wednesday, during a joint media briefing o and Labour, in Government House, said , “it  is an addition to their monthly salaries, pending the decision on the new minimum wage.” He added that payment  will take effect from December,2023 and will  run for five months and it will be categorized.

The Governor said that his administration  had earlier provided palliatives(rice) to the indigent people .,adding that the welfare of workers remained the priority of his administration, as his laudable goals for Enugu could not be attained without a happy workforce.

Pix- Gov Mbah

Governor Mbah added that  his administration was also making other social interventions apart from the cash transfer to better the lives of Enugu State workers.

“As you may be aware, since the removal of the petroleum subsidy, we have been in constant negotiation with the labour unions in the state, crafting a way forward on how we can provide palliatives to our teeming workforce.

Pix- NLC chairman Comrade Nwigbo standing

“So, by the time you put a monetary value to all the social services we have provided, it will weigh well above N100,000 minimum wage.

“But in addition to that, with effect from next month (December), we are going to also make a flat payment to all categories of our workers, beginning from our local government to the primary and secondary school teachers, and civil servants. We are going to categorise them and there will be flat payment of between N10,000 and 25,000, depending on the category. That payment is going to continue till April.

“Our hope is that by the end of April, the committee that is reviewing the minimum wage would have come out with what would then become the new minimum wage in the state. So, from there, we are just going to carry on the implementation of what is then set as the minimum wage”,he stated.

The  state chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) Comrade  Fabian Nwigbo commended Governor  Mbah for his proactive action towards workers’ welfare. He also thanked him  for regular payment of salaries to workers in the state since he came on board.

On his part, Trade Union Congress (TUC) state chairman, Comrade Ben Asogwa commended Governor Mbah for the palliative. He  said: “You have made us today to understand that all that you said during the election were no political promises. We have come to realise that you meant business. If you could move this far within a few months of taking over as the governor of Enugu State, that means we are very sure that our tomorrow is bright.

Author- Maureen Ikpeama

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