Enugu state Tech  Hub graduates 100 beneficiaries  of  Dr. Peter Mbah software scholarship program

A total of One hundred youths who benefited  from the Enugu state Governor’s scholarship program,”Dr. Peter Mbah Software Scholarship Program “, on Saturday, graduated from the Tech Hub training school Enugu, ,having past through a -six months intensive software scholarship program.

Gov. Mbah’s rep.Offia presenting certificate to a beneficisry

SPA Ofia

At the graduation ceremony put together by  the Enugu state Tech Hub, Dr. Peter Mbah software scho bylarship infusion program/ADA software Engineering certification program, in Enugu, Governor Mbah emphasised the need for the beneficiaries to put the skills they acquired into use.

The Governor who was represented by his Special Adviser on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Arinze Chilo Offia, reminded  the graduands that  they dedicated   their time into the program and should remain focused in the pursuit of their dreams..” What you need to do is to continue with the investment. Don’t stop, collaboration  is key because you  cannot  do everything  alone,” he said.

 He assured  collaboration between the Enugu State Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and Tech Hub. Governor  Mbah  announced that they have a loan product at SME, caled “Human Capital Development loan”. 

According to him, the loan will help beneficiaries to establish their own businesses. He urged people to take advantage of the loan to set up their own businesses and be self reliant.

The state Governor called for sustainability,  explaining that the skills the beneficiaries  acquired will take them far if they’re sustained. He noted that , 

“If there is no sustainability around it , it will seem to be a waste. Continue your job, you have started . There will be other opportunities,” he said

A beneficiary

Journalists/Graduands (LR)Ubawuike,Njoku,Odoemenam

Tech HUB GM,Anowor

Earlier in a welcome address, the General Manager ,Enugu State Tech Hub, Chidubem Anowor said that Governor Mbah before assumption of office had a plan to train one hundred youths in software program and granted the scholarship.

He thanked Governor Mbah  for his visionary leadership and commitment to fostering education and innovation through the Tech Scholarship infusion program.

“Your dedication  to advancing the field of technology and improving aspiring tech professionals has not gone unnoticed.

” Your generous support in providing scholardhips to aspiring  technologists has not only  made higher education more  accessible but has also created a partway for individuals to realised their dreams and contribute to the ever evolving tech landscape.

pix – Project presentation by the beneficiaries

The beneficiaries

“Your belief in the power of  education and to transformative impact on society ,is  truly inspiring  by investing in the future of tech talent. You are not only  enriching individual  lives but also strengthening our community and  economy”, he said.

Anowor noted that the Tech scholarship infusion program has served  as a beacon of hope  for countless young  minds who aspire to make a difference in the world of technology. 

“Your vision and  dedication  are shaping the  future of our  region and am deeply grateful for your  unwavering support “, he said.

Running down  the origin of Dr Peter Mbah software scholarship program, the General  Manager said  that the Governor Mbah gave  full software technological  scholarship to 100  students  and young SME owners “to partake in a specialised tech upskilling  certification  scholarship program.

“These scholars prior to joining  their chosen  tech learning  tracks, have  been foregrounded in a distruptive starter tech upskilling  initiative known as Digital Upskilling Certification Program(DUCERP) paradigm, giving  an elevated attitude to their learning  experience as they progressed  into their core software Courses ,after a -four week  pre-course cerification  in DUCERP, reducing drastically what was once  a high drop  out  rate from  programs, from 67%  to under  6% in the Peter Mbah Software Scholarship program.” Anowor said.

He further explained that , 

“With a formidable  foundation  in a deliberately disruptive DUCERP program, our scholars honed  their skills  and their  base mental “.

The General Manager urged the graduands to apply the knowledge they acquired from the institution in their businesses adding that there should be an attitudinal change for them to be complete.

Beneficiaries were trained on graphics design, product design, 3D animation,  blackened development, , digital marketing, cyber security, data analysis, cinematography, frontend development and backend development., Saturday 

Alechenu Maria Onyeche one of the graduands, thanked the sponsors of the program, saying that the skills she acquired will help her start up her own business.

 Pix-Presentation of certificates to a beneficiary

She said that the program was beneficial and that she has started getting jobs and making money from it. She  studied 3D animation  and digital marketing. .

Alechenu  appealed  to the Government to create enabling environment for them to start up their own businesses.

Another graduand, Augusta Ifeyinwa Ejike, (Digital marketing), thanked Governor Mbah ,for the scholarship offered them. She said she has a brand and her brand had improved. She said she  hope to also render scholarship to other people  in future. 

Giving his testimony about the program, a graduand, Mbah Chijioke  thanked Governor Mbah for the scholarship. He said the program has equiped them with technological skills. Mbah  urged his mates to Keep hope alive and never give up. He  appealed to the Governor to provide the tools needed for them to start up their own businesses. 

He also appealed to the state government to replace some facilities not functioning well at the Enugu state Tech Hub.

Highlights of the event were presentation of projects  by the graduands and presentation of certificates to the beneficiaries.

Athor: Maureen Ikpeama

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