Enugu commissioner for transport assures job creation, quality transport system

By Newslineglobal

Enugu State Commissioner for Transport, Obi Ozor, has  assured the people of the State that his ministry would provide quality transport services, grow the economy and provide job opportunities for the teeming youths of the state.

He made this known , Thursday, during  an inspection of the ongoing projects undertaken by the state government in the ministry. He said that the ministry of Transport was already working in line with the vision and mission of the Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah, who had promised to bring a multi-modal means of transportation to the state. 

Ozor disclosed that since the issue of sit-at-home was canceled in the state, followed by the enhanced security situation, there has been an influx of people; business men and women coming into the state to negotiate businesses and also to invest. 

On his plans to  improve the  transport system in the state, he said that no means of transportation will be left behind because Enugu State is the epicenter of the South East region.


The Commissioner  added that Enugu is a coastal state and as such, relentless efforts were being put in place to ensure that goods coming into the state and the ones being exported are done through the waterways, airspace, railways and roads, as this will ensure regional integration of the South-East economy and equally create massive employments for the youths. 

Commending the state government for the efforts it’s making to get the transport system of the state to work effectively,  Ozor said that the state is also constructing a hall where all the stakeholders in the transport system will be having their monthly town-hall meetings, because the state cannot achieve all these things without involving them in the process.

“His Excellency’s vision is to move our economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion and the transportation sector has to play a pivotal role in delivering that target. And that is what you have seen us setting up foundation, retraining  the civil servants to be able to equip them  do the job effectively. 

“Another thing we shall be working on is the issue of implementation of revenue assurance (E-ticketing), it is actually a way to guarantee that all the money coming from  transportation actually gets to the stakeholders out there. That E-ticketing ensures that even the unions and the vehicle owners actually get there money. It ensures that the government also gets its money, use the same money and reinvest within the transport ecosystem to improve them. 

“We are just at  week one , and I hope that by the time we are to finish 100 days, we should be able to see visible projects. And if you look over there, you will see a hall that is under construction now. That hall is what we call Stakeholders Hall. That will be a place where the unions and stakeholders will be coming for their monthly town-hall meetings because we cannot do this work without them.  It’s through empowering their businesses that will create the jobs,” the commissioner narrated. 

Speaking on road congestion in urban cities mostly caused by the commercial drivers, the Commissioner said that the ministry of Transport shall ensure that all the motor parks in the state are working properly to enable commercial vehicles enter the parks and not load on the roads. 

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