Childcare: UNICEF seeks support from Enugu Govt 

United Nations Children’s  Fund(UNICEF) has  appealed to Enugu state Government to support  it’s programmes on child’s Rights  to enable the agency achieve it’s set objectives  in the state.

UNICEF ‘s Nutrition officer ,  Ngozi Onuora, made the appeal on Saturday,July 29,2023 , while speaking with Newsmen at the end  of  a courtesy visit  on the wife of Enugu state Governor, Nkechinyere Mbah.

Onuora said that the aim of the visit was to familiarize with the state government and intimate them of UNICEF programmes  in  the state. 

She said that UNICEF, advocates for  provision of basic needs of the child., which include shelter, food, potable water , education and healthcare. 

According to her, UNICEF supports the Government to invest in the basic needs of the child, the Child’s Rights to nutruition,  the protection of the child’s Rights, the protection  of the child and to help the child realise his or her  full  potentials. 

Onuora lamented that in Enugu State,   10,000 children have no access to breast milk at all, while 11% children initiate breastfeeding at birth,  She advised nursing mothers to breastfeed their children from birth to six months , exclusively. She explained that when a child is breastfed at birth, it helps the milk to flow well and the child to be healthy and bonded with the mother..


The Nutrition officer disclosed that in

Enugu state out of  over One million children from age 0-5, 160, 000 have stunted growth. (About 15%) are shorter than their age.” They are always I’ll, they don’t participate  well in school, some go about on the streets ” Onuora said. 

On healthcare  services ,she said that there is  1% consolidated Fund  from the federal government to every state for up states  to access. Onuorah  noted that if states  could access the fund, it will help to address the issues faced  in the primary healthcare.

She announced that first week of August is World breastfeeding week and the theme is,” “Enabling breastfeeding in a working environment”.  According to her, it is an avenue  employed by the world to create awareness about breastfeeding.

‘It protects the child from infection,it prevents breast cancer, it prevents overian cancer”, she said. 

She advised nursing mothers to always breastfeed their children ,saying  that it will make them healthy.

Onuora  said that UNICEF has a  new country program ,that started in:2023 and will end in 2027. The program is aimed at ensuring that 10million Nigerian children have access to Education and good nutrition. It is also aimed at protecting the Rights of the child and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG). ” We are looking at 1,000 days of the child  to 2 years of the child  .UNICEF is supporting the government to approve the need to invest  in the basic management of the child survival,and development’, she said . 

Onuora disclosed that they will also take the advocacy to the legislative council.

The UNICEF team was led by their Chief, Juliet Chiluwe.

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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