In Mbah’s Enugu State, the People Are Secure , writes Reuben Onyishi

By Newslineglobal

One area of the policy thrust of Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah’s Administration of Enugu State is the security of lives and property of the people. Governor Mbah is serious and deliberate about security, knowing that his lofty objectives of exponential economic growth hinge on a secure and peaceful Enugu State. So, Mbah has put impregnable machinery on ground to guarantee  the safety of lives and property of the people of Enugu State. Make no mistake about it; Mbah would not brook insecurity at any guise in the state. He is poised to handle security issues proactively headon.

Enugu State has always been known for its peaceful ambience. The former governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, invested heavily on security and de-linked Enugu from the parlous security situation that bedevilled  Nigeria during the Buhari Administration. Enugu was an island on the sea of dastardly and parlous security situations that involved killings, banditry, terrorism, kidnapping; just name it. Boko Haram, bandits, kidnappers and herdsmen unleashed terror on the people of Nigeria, but Ugwuanyi insulated Enugu State from them, as the mother hen would its chics against the hawk, though there were pockets of security breach in the process.

 Towards the end of the Ugwuanyi Administration, there arose cases of kidnapping at Opi- Ugwuogo Road. But Ugwuanyi capably contained kidnapping on that road, and it died down. This legacy of a peaceful and secure Enugu State is one legacy among others Ugwuanyi bequeathed the state and which Governor Peter Mbah is prepared to sustain and surpass.

Part of what helped the situation during that time was also the CBN monetary policy of a cashless economy. Although that policy failed, it helped in curtailing the prevalent kidnapping situation where kidnappers reaped off their victims in humongous sums, running into millions of naira.

In the present circumstance, the Tinubu Administration has relaxed the monetary policy for the obvious reason of the hardship it inflicted on Nigerians as the then Godwin Emefiele -led  CBN apparently could not mitigate the backlash effects of that debilitating policy. The relaxation of that policy, however, has taken with it the only benefit it offered. Kidnapping has resurfaced again.

 Here in Enugu State, the daredevil kidnappers have returned to Opi-Ugwuogo Road. What they have yet to realize is that kidnapping is one situation up with which Governor Mbah would not put. The hawk that swooped on the mother hen and its underlings, and made away with a few chics may gloat over it, and fly the sky with impunity. On a second journey on the prey, it may not be that lucky again. 

The Administration of Governor Mbah has squared up to this challenge as state-of-the-art cyber security is being put in place. For the Opi-Ugwuogo Road, all we can say is that the Egyptian you saw yesterday, you shall see no more. Never in the history of the Mbah Administration would the story  be told that daredevil marauding vultures and criminals, be they politically-induced, overran the state. They shall be utterly contained  the demons who would take away sleep from the eyes of Ndi Enugu under Peter Mbah’s watch. Never!

We are not unaware of  the attempts to impugn and discredit the Mbah Administration by some desperate persons Ndi Enugu rejected at the polls. Their target is sell a dummy of an impression that the much touted capacity of the Mbah Administration is a fluke since insecurity ostensibly has overwhelmed it. Such vain imagination has petered into thin air as Mbah secures the state the way he did with the cancellation of the sit-at-home order by non-state actors, and which had festered until he came on board. With Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, Enugu is secure whole and complete. Those who choose to play politics with the lives of the people had better stop it now. The life of every Enugu citizen is precious to the Mbah Administration. You are properly advised. Keep off!

Indeed, our tomorrow is here.

(Reuben Onyishi is the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Enugu State on New Media).

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