Standup For Women Society inaugurates Enugu Executive, supports indigent persons, tasks members on women empowement

Standup For Women Society ,SWS, a Non-Governmental Organisation, on Tuesday, May 2, inaugurated it’s Enugu state chapter, with the new Chapter empowering some physically challenged persons with a wheel chair and Zimmer Frames.

At the event held at the Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Press Centre,Enugu, the international president of Standup For Women Society , Barr Deborah Dadele-Adeona, charged the newly inaugurated executive to be responsible in everything they do, saying, “”we want people to see the good in us. You must be responsible for everything. Be united”.

Liberator Dadele- Adeona said, “Standup for Women Society it’s solely women affairs Society, aimed at promoting. updating and upgrading women. “Women are the engine room of families, pillar of the nation and joy of the earth. Therefore, women serve as a nurse. teacher, trainer, character builder and molder, preacher, moderator, promoter, cook. prayer warrior and so forth.

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“It is on this note that Standup for Women Society as a woman forum will be resting and founding on a benchmark, bedrock as well mouth piece to stand up for women liberation. The reason why we address ourselves as LIBERATORS (LIB),
she said.

She observed that the key in fostering prosperous societies and sustainable countries is through women’s political participation and participation in decision making, through women’s economic empowerment .

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“We must unite to end violence and dimination against women and work together to empower women and expand opportunities in politics and beyond.

“The Agent of Change is that part of us that deeply wants to make a difference in this world to uplift our own lives in a way that inspires others to recognise their greatness and do wonderful things”, she said.

The international president noted that Governments, Business leaders and Decision makers should reconsider the role they appoint to women in the institutions they lead.

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“We need to shift cultural attitudes and social norms which consider women’s role in the society as subordinates. We need to consider women’s role as essential and equal to that of men when deciding how we will run our country and when forecasting the development of our economies,” she said.

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Dadele- Adeona suggested ways women could be supported, saying,
“sometimes we may need to rely on temporary bandage such as quotas to increase women’s representation in public and private sectors, facilitating a more rapid inclusion of women in all segments,

“We need to close the gap that still remains between women and financial resources, between women’s potential and their expected role by the society. We should support it by inciting more women to enter paid labour market, enter workforce, dare to set bold goals for themselves and become part of decision making in their societies.

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“On all these issues we need more legislation, best practices and better implementation.
“We need a common platform and a joint commitment to see these reforms through in our respective communities. We must show the kind of courage that has radically transformed our societies. And above all, we must demonstrate solidarity and unity”, the president said..

She encouraged members to explore partnerships that will boost the role they will play in the future where none existed before: between academia and policymakers, between enterprises and public offices, between nations and neighbours.

“Every individual in our society enjoy their God given rights and use their God given potential. We should continue to make the case for women since we want our children to earn better education, for we want to see our families stronger, for we want to see our societies flourish and our countries prosper. For we want peace to r Let’s unite and live up to that obligation and make sure that violence against women is never. accepted, condoned, tolerated.

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“We believe in democracy. By that we do not mean just voting in elections, but responsible participation of all the people affected by any decision. We also believe men and women should work together for these changes, building a new society in which all people will have the opportunity to develop their full potential.

“If there is one message that echoes forth from this inauguration ceremony, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights, is right to speak freely – and the right to be heard,”she said.

In her welcome address, the newly inaugurated chairperson of SWS, Enugu state Chapter, Liberator Mina Adaobi Ukaobasi said that Enugu state Chapter through the authorities of the National Orthopedic hospital, Enugu, identified five women in need of mobility devices to enhance their dignity. They also identified five women to empower with some pieces of Ankara materials.

Ukaobasi promised that the SWS ,Enugu chapter will work to forge enduring , focused engagements with the state Government, it’s relevant departments and Agencies and similar private organisations in their mission to secure and institutionalize a fair deal for women m Enugu State.

Two persons ,Nze Magnus Eze and Chidi Okoro were inaugurated as Ambassadors of the group. In their brief remarks, Ambassador Nze Magnus Ezeh, South East Bureau Chief of The Sun Newspapers, Enugu ,thanked the group for the honour given to him. He promised a financial support for the group.

On his part, Ambassador Chidi Okoro, expressed confidence in the leadership of Mina Ukaobasi. He said, “I know what she can do. She is a fighter She is a goal getter .
He announced cash donation for the group.

Four people received awards. They are the Leader of Enugu state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon.Ikechukwu Ezeugwu, Dr Sylvester Nweze, Md Freedom Fertility Hospital,Enugu, ,Ms Eberechukwu Eke-Okoro, Asst.Director, Production Services and Public Relations officer, NTA ,Port Harcourt Network Centre and Chief Jude Eze, Chairman/CEO Artistry Fort Limited,

Speaking shortly after receiving the award , Rt. Hon. Ezeugwu appreciated members of the Standup For Women Society.
He also expressed appreciation for the womenfolk ,noting that his mother made him what he is in life.
“Without my mother, I would not have been what I am today, because of the education she gave me, I was able to be what I am today”, he said.

The Lawmaker advised members of the group to always remember who they are because people will always look up to them.”We should always remember who we are. We set the pace”. He dedicated the award to his wife, saying that her untiring support to him, contributed greatly to his successes.

Highlights of the occasion were inauguration of SWS Ambassadors, presentation of Awards, presentation of mobility devices to some physically challenged persons, presentation of pieces of Ankara materials to some indigent women and cultural dance display.

Members of the newly inaugurated executive are ,Liberators Mina Adaobi Ukaobasi( State Chairperson), Ngozi Agbo (Vice Chairperson), Judith Ohini (Secretary), Adaku Agbala( Financial Secretary), Chiebonam Ikwunne( Health Officer), Ngozi Mbah,Woman leader, Chidinma Ujor,Asst.Secretary.

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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