Potters Wheel Foundation trains 2,075 entrepreneurs  in various skills 

A Non-Governmental Organization and Skill acquisition center, Potters Wheel Foundation , Enugu has graduated 2,075 students(Batch O)   trained in various skills which included baking and confectionary, natural beverages, hygienic, Skincare products, craft, social media marketing, and business managerial soft skills among others.

Speaking at the event held at the indoor sports  hall of the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium Enugu at the weekend, ,  Enugu state  Deputy Governor ,Ifeanyi Ossai, said ,the Potter’s Wheel Foundation has consistently demonstrated a commitment to uplifting and empowering  communities.

 Pix: The Potters Wheel President and some Graduands

Represented by the Secretary,  Enugu State Boundary Committee, Dr Solomon Ejim  the Deputy Governor observed that in today’s fast-paced world, the need for organizations like the Potter’s Wheel Foundation is more critical than ever. 

“Your dedication to creating opportunities, fostering education, and providing support for the less privileged serves as a beacon of hope for many. The impact of your work resonates across our society, touching lives and transforming futures. I am aware of the challenges we face in our mission to build a just and equitable society. 

“Government efforts alone are not enough to address these challenges comprehensively. It is through partnerships with committed non-profit and non-governmental organizations like yours that we can achieve sustainable development and meaningful progress.

He went further to say that the initiatives undertaken by the Potter’s Wheel Foundation be it in the realm of education, or economic empowerment-are commendable. .

“Your focus on providing vocational training and educational support to the youth ensures that the next generation is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. This not only empowers individuals but also strengthens the fabric of our communities.

” Economic empowerment is another cornerstone of your mission. By providing financial literacy training, entrepreneurial support, and microfinance opportunities, you are helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency,” Ossai said.

In her speech, the  Commissioner for Children, Gender Affairs and Social Development, Mrs Ngozi Enih, commended  the President of Potters Wheel Foundation, Onuzulike Odilichukwu Godsown for his vision of establishing the training center and empowering people with skills acquisitions  which made beneficiaries self reliant.

She expressed joy that her ministry partners Potters Wheel, saying,  ” the organisation approached her , for training of women and she had no regrets partnering with the organization.

Pix: Mrs Ngozi Enih, Commissioner for Children, Gender, Affairs and Social Development

“The ministry is so proud to had partnered with Potters Wheel. We don’t have any regrets at all .It takes service and love for your state  for you to organize such beautiful and entrepreneurship training for people inorder to serve humanity and better  the minds of people. 

 ” I know a few women who had participated in this great event and training that can beat their chest and stand on their feet to provide for their families.So, I pray ,as you step out of this hall, you make use of what you learnt ,do not throw it away because we believe that no knowledge is a waste.
‘” This training is to empower you and to lift you out of poverty. Also, do not forget that the state government ‘s mandate to ndi Enugu is we should eradicate poverty completely from Enugu state. state, the goveri cannot do it alone, that is why ministries partner with such great organisations.and such patriotic citizens like the Potters Wheel and  Godsown Onuzulike.

She announced that they were going to include Agricultural training to the next batch that will be coming up

Enih said, ” in as much as you are learning other skills, agriculture is a very lucrative business. But for those who are going to participate .they will take three months off their schedule to go and learn different kinds of farming mechanisms farming, animal rearing, Believe me by the time you know it you will be standing on your feet, you will become an employer of labour  You will also found your own organisation and put people through this training just as Potters Wheel is doing.

Commending Potters Wheel, she said, ” thank you so much Potters Wheel for what you  are doing in Enugu state. On behalf of the state government I want to tell you that we appreciate you and we hope that more people and more organisations like you and up and help us tackle this menace of unemployment amongst out youths , especially amongst our women.From my experience,women, we are the most Beneficiaries of such training and you are also helping us to elongate the lives of our husbands by being independent , making livelihood from our little earnings from such  training.

 Pix: Onuzulike Odilichukwu Godsown, President,Potters Wheel Foundation

In his welcome address, the President of the the Board Of Truste,  ,Onuzulike Odilichukwu Godsown, described the occasion as”a remarkable milestone achieved through the foundation ‘d  partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Enugu State.

He said  out of 165 participants, 75 women and youth have completed their vocational and entrepreneurship training He added that, 2000 youth and women from all 36 states and the FCT participated in the online training and  also graduated

“This achievement is a testament to hard work, dedication, and passion. Our trainees underwent rigorous evaluations, including practicals, written exams, and one-on-one assessments, after their three weeks of practical training on baking and confectionary, natural beverages, hygienic, Skincare products, craft, social media marketing, and business managerial soft skills. 

“Again, we will graduate our pioneer set of digital content-creation students who have completed a three-month program. Despite challenges in sourcing materials, funding, and logistics, our organization’s resolve to equip youth and women with vocational and entrepreneurial skills remains unwavering and unrelenting”, he said .

He appealed  for support from the government, individuals, and organizations, to provide their trainees with resources to sustain and scale up the business idea. 

Pix: Lloyd Ekweremadu,Commissioner for Youth and Sports


“We need start-up grants, a shared facility for NAFDAC approval, bus for transportation, and a raw material bank.,* he said .

The President appreciated  God, Governor Peter Mbah’, Lloyd Ekweremadu, the Hon. Commissioner For Youth and Sports, Enugu State.and Ephraim Oluedo for sponsoring their free training in Mbaogu Kingdom, Enugu Agu-Achi.and urged others to assist them  in reaching out to people in remote areas, saying,”Let us continue empowering our youth and women to keep fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth. Together, we can make a difference”. 

He Congratulated the Graduands,and prayed that their  skills bring them prosperity and success.

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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