Gov Mbah endorses implementation of Nigerian Investment Certification Program for States


Governor of Enugu st Impate, Dr. Peter Mbah has endorsed the implementation of Nigerian Investment Certification Program for States , aimed at promoting, coordinating, and overseeing investments across Nigeria.

Endorsing the program on Friday, May 31,2024  during the Inauguration of the NICPS in Enugu, Governor Mbah expressed  gratitude to the federal Government for iniating the program. He said Enugu state Government had  laws to  make investors comfortable and tried to do more .

Represented by the Deputy Governor ,Ifeanyi Ossai, , the Governor said when the Certification Program was introduced to the state government, they were excited..”All of us here are marketing officers and investment officers  for the state.’ he said.

Pix:- Deputy Governor , Ifeanyi Ossai

He expressed the State’s readiness to receive investors , saying, business to thrive and the state grows it’s economy, ” there must be critical  private partnership . We are ready to receive investors’.

Earlier in her speech, , the  Executive Secretary/CEO, NIPC  Asha Rimi, said 

the Nigerian Investment Certification Program for States (NICPS) is a federal agency responsible for promoting, coordinating, and overseeing investments across Nigeria.

” The program aims to identify and promote the unique investment opportunities within each State,, enhance the image of the States as attractive destinations for investment, ,strengthen federal and State cooperation in investment promotion, ,improve the services provided to investors, ultimately boosting investment inflows, creating jobs, and increasing state revenues.” She said.

Rimi, who was visibly delighted to be in Enugu  said , the Coal City is , renowned for its historical significance in coal mining, rich natural resources, and vibrant economic potential.  She said the Potential benefits for Enugu State with its abundant natural resources, vibrant agricultural sector, and burgeoning industrial landscape, Enugu State stands to gain significantly from the program.

” The State government’s efforts under Your Excellency’s leadership, particularly in revitalising moribund industries, developing industrial parks, and improving infrastructure, align perfectly with the objectives of the NICPS, Rimi said..

She  thanked the state Governor Peter Mbah for his support for the program . noting that the participation of the state Government , ” underscores the importance of this initiative and the collaborative effort required to achieve its goals.     

Pix: : Ossai(/ and Rimi

“As we launch the NICPS in Enugu State today, I am confident that the program will significantly enhance the State’s ability to attract both foreign and domestic investments. The NICPS will also build capacity for State officials and promote industrial and economic growth.                   

Giving the background  and purpose of    the  Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) and their partners from the UNDP, the Executive Secretary/CEO said, “NIPC is the federal agency responsible for promoting, coordinating, and overseeing investments across Nigeria. Our mission is to encourage and facilitate investments in the Nigerian economy while creating an enabling environment for investors. In light of this, NIPC developed the NICPS program to empower States with the necessary tools and capacity to attract  and manage investments effectively..

“The NICPS responds to a critical need in Nigeria’s investment landscape. As highlighted in the World Bank Group’s Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking 2009 report, many countries, including Nigeria, have missed significant foreign direct goals opportunities due to a lack of high-quality business information,” she said..         

  According to her, the NICPS focuses on three essential standards: , information: ensuring States promptly provide accurate and relevant information. Property: Facilitating the provision of necessary infrastructure for investment purposes and marketing: :Packaging and presenting this information professionally to potential investors.     

 She commended the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) and our partners from the UNDP and the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (OSSAP-SDGs), who she said , have been instrumental in supporting the NICPS program., saying , ” the UNDP’s sponsorship has been pivotal in bringing this program to Enugu State, and we are grateful for their commitment.”

Commending Governor Mbah’s developmental strides in thevdté

” We are particularly encouraged by the Governor’s commitment to projects such as the recent signing of an MoU with Pragmatic Palms Limited and the rehabilitation of the State’s moribund industries, including NigerGas Co. Ltd, Niger Steel Company Ltd, and Sunrise Flour Mills Ltd, amongst others. These initiatives are crucial for encouraging investment and economic growth”, she said..

On Enugu Geographic Information Service (ENGIS) Rimi said an important factor in attracting investment is the availability and clarity of land titling.” The Enugu Geographic Information Service (ENGIS) plays a crucial role in this area. ENGIS must ensure that investors can confidently acquire and develop land by streamlining the land titling processes and maintaining accurate records.

“Pix- Aisha Rimi

“The titling process should also be transparent, and cost-effective. In addition, it is important that land use charges are not seen as punitive but as measures to improve and organise land administration, thus creating a more investor-friendly environment., she said.

Rimi commended the Enugu State Investment Development Authority (ESIDA), led by Dr. Sam Nwaobodo. She said Nwobodo reappointment is a testament to his effectiveness and the positive impact of his collaboration with NIPC to promote Enugu State. I would also like to express our gratitude for hosting NIPC in the same building as ESIDA.

She appealed for support for the program of NICPS in Enugu State,  urging the Governor’s endorsement for the implementation of the NICPS., appointment of the Director General/CEO of the Enugu State Investment Development Authority (ESIDA) to Chair the Implementation Committee for NICPS. Facilitate collaboration between ESIDA and NIPC to identify relevant Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to constitute the Implementation Team.

Issue a directive to all MDAs to cooperate fully with the ESIDA DG and commit to providing the required information. Establish a robust website for the State if one does not currently exist/ upgrade the existing website.Provide logistics support for the Implementation Team’s sourcing of information from various sites and MDAs, including federal agencies.

Pix- Sam Nwobodo

Rimi commended Enugu state’ government ‘s vision and initiatives, saying, they have set a solid foundation for making Enugu State a preferred destination for investors. We at NIPC look forward to continued collaboration with your government to realise this vision.

In an interview, , the  Chief Executive of  tEnugu State Investment Development Authority (ESIDA) , Sam Nwobodo, said  the Certification Program will enable the state to  do very critical things to attract  investors.” It is a tool that will  recommend is  to. Investors.. The process for investors to come.and invest in the state”. 

Nwobodo said there will be training of personnel. and after the training, the state will have a seal of approval.. He disclosed that factors  need for the certification included provision of infrastructure, security,  health,care, sector,  knowledge – based sector, , reforming the regulatory environment, , reforming all MDGs. He added that the state government had done a lot of reforms on lands and investors can go online to read  and get information about Enugu state.. He added that the Certification program will help them to strengthen what they had done .

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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