Network for Water Rights Initiative lauds Gov. Mbah”s commitment to ending water scarcity in  Enugu 

A Civil Society Organisation, Network for Water Rights Initiative,  has commended  the  Governor of Enugu state, Dr Peter Mbah  for his efforts towards ending water scarcity in the State, generating 120 million liters  of water per day within his 180 days in office.

Country Director of the group, Ambassador ( Mrs) Amaka Nweke, gave the commendation on Friday, March 22,  in her speech at the maiden edition of the CSO/ Media Exchange organized  by  the   Network for Water Rights Initiative , in partnership with the Global  Society  for Anti- Corruption,  Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists( NUJ)Enugu and the Media Unit of the Government House,Enugu,, in commemoration  of  the International world water day 2024 with the Theme *Water for Peace”.

Speaking at the event held in Enugu, the Senior Special Assistant to the Government on Mainstream media, and guest speaker at the event,  Hon. Daniel Nwomeh, said Governor Mbah”s campaign promise  to bring water to the homes of Enugu people is a serious project . 

Pix- SSA Mainstream media, Nwomeh

Nwomeh who pointed out that water problem in Enugu state has become a norm, said Governor Mbah’ was an” Enugu boy” and knew the chronic water  problem in the state, hence, his promise and subsequent steps to tackling the problem.

He said water was generated in 180 days of Governor Mbah’ “s assumption of office, noting that,” Oji River is generating  50 million liters daily , 9Th mile is generating 70 million liters daily and that’s how we  are having 120 million liters of water generated daily.

He regretted that because of some challenges water had not been distributed in some parts of Enugu metropolis .

“We have  tackled  two of the three problems, which are the  generation, and  the transmission.What is  remaining  is the distribution . That is what we are trying to address now, “he said  

The Governor’s media aide said”,  distribution is a problem because of some challenges which included locating of busted pipes, vandalisation and  blocking of water pipes. He added that some people built on top of water pipes and over 200 houses were built on water pipes among other challenges.

He noted that, the  most important thing  is the Governor’s commitment to ending  water problem.

“Pix- Amb. (Mrs)Nweke, Country Director

“It is a daily  struggle . Right now, a major work is going on at Sub- way  and Holy Ghost ( major links to Achara layout, Idaw- River) by the time they finished, many people will have water,  ” Nwomeh said.

He urged Enugu residents to exercise patience as the issue of replacement of rusted water pipes would soon be completed and water will be distributed across the metropolis.

“This governor is not a governor that is afraid of doing what is right .We have to start from somewhere,” he said., 

Pix Adibe

On his part, another Speaker, and  a Veteran Journalist Tony Adibe thanked the organizers for putting up the event. He stressed the importance of water to human lives. Adobe thanked the state government in it’s efforts to ending water scarcity in the state, appealing that the  government should make water  available to all residents because,”Water is their right”.

Pix- NUJ Vice Chairman, Comrade Ankworji

In his goodwill message, the Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists ( NUJ)Comrade Regis Anikworji, commended  Enugu state Government for the good works they were executing in the state, especially in the area of water and urged the government to ensure water gets to everyone to avoid people fighting over water. He also urged the government to relate more with the media so they could communicate to is the public on the activities of the Government.

Anikworji described  the Theme of the event as apt. He noted that the media played a very vital role in bringing WaterAids and issue of water to limelight. He urged the organisers to do more of such programs 

Pix-Chairman Correspondents chapel, Comrade Njoku

Earlier in her welcome address, the Coordinator Network of Water Rights Initiative, Ambassador ( Mrs) Amaka Nweke , said “the CSO/media exchange, wais aimed at  fostering a deep understanding of water related issues, promote peace building initiatives, and strengthen collaboration between media practitioners and civil society organizations.

“in ending water scarcity, we reflect on the profound role that water plays in fostering peace and unity across the globe. Water, the source of life, transcends borders and binds us together in our shared dependence on this precious resource. It is incumbent upon us to recognize the interconnectedness of water and peace, for where there is access to clean water, there is a foundation for stability and cooperation”, she said..

Pix- Coordinator, Amb .Nweke

The Country Director observed that” In countless regions, water scarcity exacerbates tensions and fuels conflict”  She therefore, called on members of the public to start seeing water as catalyst for cooperation.

“Today, let us commit to transforming water from a potential source of contention into a catalyst for cooperation. By prioritizing sustainable water management practices and fostering equitable distribution, we can mitigate conflicts rooted in water scarcity and pave the way for peaceful coexistence.

“Investing in water infrastructure and technology can empower communities, laying the groundwork for prosperity and harmony.

Let this World Water Day be a call to action a call to prioritize water as a cornerstone of global peace. As we work collectively towards ensuring access to clean water for all, we build bridges that transcend political and cultural divides. Together, let us pledge to be stewards of this invaluable resource, recognizing that the path to peace flows through the sustainable management of our shared waters,” Ambassador Nweke said..

She appreciated the efforts of the Governor of Enugu state in providing portable water supply to the  people of the state, saying, “we will not fail to recognize what the administration of His Excellency, the Governor of Enugu State Gov. Peter Mbah is doing to end water scarcity in Enugu. 

“We appreciate the fact that Enugu can boast of having 120 million litres of water per day. We also have seen the ongoing fixing of modern new ductile pipes to replace the age long asbestos pipes to enable hitch free transportation or reticulation of water to our homes,” she said. 

Goodwill messages were also given by the representative of the People Living  with Disabilities, Chief Executive of Dan Ukwu foundation, Dan Ukwu 

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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