Enugu Govt trains citizens  on climate change

Enugu State government has organized a One-Day training workshop on climate change for staff of the ministry of environment, saying , the training will be organised for other citizens in the state so that they could be knowledgeable about environmental impacts in human development.

 Pix: Commissioner for Environment and Climate Change, Prof Ugwu

Commissioner for Environment and Climate change, Professor Sam Ugwu made this known on Thursday in  Enugu during a workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for the staff of the ministry.

He stressed the importance of environment, noting that environment plays critical roles in the survival of humanity. .

Professor Ugwu said the aim of the  training was  to acquaint the people on the effects of the environment in all their undertakings. 

Pix – Resource person, Ozorgwu

According to him, Climate change is now a new trend characterized by some negativities, adversely affecting human habitation. He said being equipped with these developments will avail the people the opportunity to get information on how to cope with the situation. 

Ugwu said tthe training is for everyone in that everybody uses the environment. 

He named water, air, food  as environment among other things human beings utilize, saying  “these things should be protected for our own health”..

He urged members of the public to preserve their environment. The Commissioner  said  the Ministry was  visiting different areas and establishments in the State, enlightening the people on the dangers of environmental pollution, soil degradation among others.

Pix- SSA, Climate Change ,Prof. Okereke

Professor Ugwu said, “everyday life is training exercise,and as workers in the Ministry of Environment and Climate change, we try to make the staff be up  dated in the things going on in the society or globally.

“in  the  Ministry of Environment, we have what we call, Climate change, a Department in the  Ministry of Environment. 

“Things change everyday, and a lot of things happen in the Environment, globally, not only in Nigeria, but a lot of people are not aware of what is going on. 

“Sometimes, when you talk about Climate change, people will start to laugh at you, and tell you that even when their forefathers were there, these things we are seeing now were there, but they don’t understand what we are observing, the way it affects our environment, the way it affects us, our temperature, the way it affects our weather. 

“Of course, you see that within a period of time, there are some changes in weather and temperature,” Prof Ugwu said 

Dwelling more on environmental pollution , the commissioner said the state Government has sealed illegal mining sites in the state and asked the operators to obtain necessary papers and facilities according to standards.

He decried some people’s attitude of installing telecommunications masts within and around their premises, not  minding the health hazards it comes with..

He appreciates the state Governor,Dr. Peter Mbah’ for approving the training workshop..

The Resource Person, Ozorgwu Paulinus Chinedu , in his presentation on ” Environmental monitoring  tools and checklist  for telecom infrastructure”,stated  the need to ensure  Environmental Impact Assessment was made  prior to the erection of electronic installations. He said Environmental Impact Assessment helps us to check the environmental standards, being aware of theirdangers when handled carelessly.

Earlier, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Climate Change, Professor Chukwumerije  Okereke ,spoke on environmental policy and programs which covers environmental management, environmental compliance systems , water borne to enhance new life, new orientation..

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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