WHO to support Enugu Govt  in capacity development, others, as stakeholders meet to strengthen healthsector

World Health Organisation(WHO)says it will support Enugu State Government in  the capacity development for all the  state Coordinating officers  in the healthsector to strengthen healthcare delivery in the state.

Pix- Dr Igbokwu, WHO South East Cordinator

This awss disclosed by the South East zonal Cordinator, WHO, Dr. Chukwumuanya Igboekwu during the 2024 Health Partners Cordinators’ Forum, held on Wednesday in Enugu. 

He said the meeting was  convened by the Enugu state Ministry of Health in conjunction with the World Health Organisation, to bring all  Health Cordinators and Partners in Enugu state together to brainstorm on ways to improve healthcare delivery ,and advance the health agenda of  Governor Peter Mbah.

Pix- Prof Emmanuel Obi, Commissioner for Health

Igboekwu explained that the Cordinators and Partners will  bring their resources together to help achieve that .

He said, WHO  assists Enugu state Government in the areas of health emergency, logistics to respond to health emergencies, health policy, Primary HealthCare Revitalization, immunization  and Strategic Health  Information Management.

He announced that WHO will support Enugu state Government in the  Capacity Development for all the state health Cordinating officers.

The South East Zonal Cordinator, disclosed that they will train Cordinators in data analysis so they could analyse their data to inform decision-making. 

On the essence of the meeting, Dr. Igboekwu said it’s an annual event ,where all the state Cordinators and Partners pull their resources together to strengthen health partners, Cordinators and health governance , which will strengthen the healthsector of the state .

Pix- Prof Obi, Commissioner for health

“Pulling their resources together could be funding. There are partners that are funding other aspects of health. WHO comes with technical assistance. There are implementing partners , some supply materials, drugs,  medical supplies to the health sector. 

“We have international Non- Governmental Organizations like Caritas. There are also partners that are Government. So, all of them in the healthsector come together and everybody knows what they are doing  so that at the end of the day , there are efficiencies in the healthsector”, the Zonal Coordinator said.

Speaking earlier, Enugu state Commissioner for Health, Professor Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi, said the forum was a stakeholders’ meeting, where they hear what is happening in different areas of the healthsector. It  was a meeting where they plan on how to strengthen the healthsector in the state.

Pix- Stakeholders

He added that they wanted to put things together so that everybody in the health sector  will know that it is one cordination .”The state drives, others support what the state is doing”, Obi said.

The Commissioner further said the meeting was the fourth Health Partners Coordinators Forum and it will be a continous meeting, so that the cordination  of the healthsector will be better for overall delivery of one health concept in Enugu state .

” This type of meeting, will help the Enugu state Government to integrate  His Excellency’s goal for the Universal Health Coverage in Enugu state”, Obi said.

Pix- Commissioner for health,Prof Obi

He explained that, ” the Universal Health Coverage ( UHC) is a delivery of quality healthcare to every citizen when and where they  need it  without huge financial cost.”

The meeting was attended by health partners including the WHO, UNICEF,Sub-Saharan African, Caritas Nigera,   State health Cordinators from the Police service clinic, National Orthopedic hospital, Nuropsychiatric hospital, 82 Division clinic, , University of Nigeria Teaching hospital (UNTH) , Enugu state Primary HealthCare Development Agency, Enugu state Agency for Universal Health Coverage, ENSACA and Enugu state Hospital Management Board among others.

There were presentations on different aspects of HealthCare delivery including Reproductive health, immunization among others.

Author- Maureen Ikpeama

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