S/East prepaid meter upgrade: EEDC set to commence TID rollover in February

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), on Sunday, announced plans to go live with the Token Identifier (TID) rollover for all its prepaid meter customers by end of February 2024.

The EEDC also urged its customers to update their information as a prerequisite for the meter upgrade as part of the implementation for the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid meter upgrade.

The company’s Head of Communications, Emeka Ezeh, said in Enugu that “the process is simple and emphasized that it is a requirement for customers’ meters to be upgraded”.

Ezeh said the company had developed and deployed a link through which its customers can update their information.

According to him, this they will simply do by clicking on the link and accessing it by providing their meter number, after which they will validate their mobile number and email address.

He said the prepaid meter upgrade is compulsory for all prepaid meter customers, and they must comply to avoid losing their meter and being out of supply.

He said: “To forestall any supply disruption during the rollover period, customers are encouraged to purchase enough energy units that will sustain them for some days during the period.

“As the vending platform will be shut down and meter recharge activities will not go through during this time.

“After the rollover must have happened, the very first energy purchase by customers will come with three sets of 20 digits token (KCT1, KCT2 and the energy token).

“The first 20 digits (KCT1) is to reset the meter, the second 20 digits (KCT2) is to upgrade the meter while the third 20 digits (energy token) is to recharge the meter and complete the upgrade process.”

Ezeh noted that “Customers are expected to punch in the first 20 digits which is the KCT1 and press “enter”, and simultaneously punch in the second 20 digits which is the KCT2 and press “enter”.

He also noted that and lastly, they would punch in the third 20 digits which is the energy token, to complete the upgrade process.

He advised customers who are in the habit of purchasing and warehousing tokens (that is, those that buy tokens without loading them onto their meters), to ensure they load these tokens onto their meters before they are upgraded.

The EEDC spokesman stressed that once the meter is upgraded, such tokens would no longer be accepted by the meter and there would be no refund for unused tokens.

Ezeh said that the company had put in place a Support Team to ensure that customers are guided through this process, and that all the customers need to do is to call: 084 700 100, SMS/Whatsapp: 0815 082 6060 or 0815 082 6061.

“They can also use any of the social media platforms (Facebook and X: @enugudisco; Instagram: @enugu_disco) or send email to: customerservice@enugudisco.com,” he added.

It would be recalled that early 2023, EEDC had notified its customers that by Nov. 24, 2024, all prepaid meters in its network would cease to accept credit tokens, unless they are upgraded.

This is following a software upgrade which will be affecting all Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant prepaid meters across the globe.

The management of EEDC had earlier maintained that the prepaid meter upgrade is at no cost to customers and appeals to them not to allow themselves to be extorted by anyone or group.

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