Xmas: Bishop Onaga tasks Nigerian Govt on good governance, cautions youths, film makers on fetish movies,calls for love, oneness

Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev ( Dr.) Callistus Onaga, has admonished Nigerians to keep trusting in God, love one another ,be united,  prayerful and hopeful, practice the love of Christ ,be sincere, make peace, avoid discord, and allow the light which the presence of God illuminates shine upon them ,this Christmas and always .

He gave the admonition in his 2023 Christmass message, he presented on Friday,December 23, at the Bishop’s Court ,Enugu..

Bishoo Onaga

Bishop Onaga also urged the Federal Government and governments at all levels to have human face and , provide good governance to the people.

He said, Christmass commemorates  the nativity of Jesus Christ. The Bishop described the story around Christmas as a “historical fact ,not an imagination that Christ was born in Bethlehem.

“Christmas  is the celebration of  the incarnation of God taking flesh. God took flesh  and became man inorder to  save man from sin.

” After the fall of man, efforts were  made to save man from sin but Christ  Himself  came down again  to save  mankind. We had the fore runner of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, say, “I am not  the one coming. So, there are  proofs. In the Catholic  Church, we have the luminous mystery, throwing  light .  The first mystery  is the baptism of Christ at River Jordan. Through the Dove God spoke,’ This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased “

“Every year it takes up in all Christendom.  People  celebrate it as it has never been done in the past.

“God is a Saviour. God came after the fall of man . We share the love of God by sharing of love, gifts, forgiveness and caring for one another In Christmas we emphasize that fact that God is with us and if God is with us , who can be against us? he asked.

Bishop Onaga lamented that the Nigerian Government  was not sensitive to the plight of the people.  He said that things were hard and the federal government announced 50% transport renumeration. How many people can afford it? he asked

The Cleric  said Government at all levels, the legislators ,all the leaders should  be sensitive to the plight  of the people. “Transport is high, the roads are bad. Let us do things as if we are dealing with humanbeings  God is with us in all these things happening . God is still with us.Trying to see how to save us.

 Bishop Onaga

He reminded the leaders  that they will stand before God  and answer questions on their stewardship on Earth.

Bishop Onaga commended media practitioners for the good works they do.and  urged them to report objectively. To those hoarding fuel, those selling bad fuel, , those involved in different kinds of crimes, the Bishop asked them to desist from doing evil.

Communications Director

He drew the attention of the people to the  right way of wishing a happy Christmas, noting that “it is not happy holiday but happy Christmas. He said it was anti Christ that introduced using happy holidays instead of happy Christmas, stressing that

“it should be happy Christmas. It is deliberate , they want to kill the loudness of Christmas. They are anti Christ. You don’t throw away the substance because you want to be happy. It is happy Christmas, we have been having holidays”, Bishop Onaga said..

He condemned the rate at which people, especially youths go into ritual killings, fetish practice.

To film/play writers, television stations, the Cleric cautioned against writing movies or plays that promote evil “Be careful what you wrote, you don’t promote  evil ‘Change your mathod of conveying  values. You should promote good values, not ritual killings. You don’t kill to make money. They are all fallacies 

Bishop Onaga also condemned fraud. He urged people in authority, in places of authority to do things that will help build the society and not things that will destroy it.

Bishop Onaga wished everyone a happy Christmas and prayed for journey mercies for those travelling and God’s protection to all. He urged them to always note that God is with them and should show love of Christ, forgive one

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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