Expert tasks Journalists on objective reportage as NUJ Enugu holds 2023 Press week

Journalists have been advised to uphold the truth and be objective in their reportage, inorder to earn respect and confidence of the people.

Director, Niger Delta  Development’ Commission( NDDC), Chijioke Amu-Nnadi, gave the advice, Thursday, in his opening remarks at the 2023 Press week of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Enugu state Council, held at Amadeo event centre , Enugu.


He said the  core principle of journalism  is to speak the truth. Amu- Nnadi, who was the chairman of the occasion regretted that sometimes Journalists published the truth and tthe truth goes against them. “The  society turns against Journalists.,  Journalists are the conscience of the society. 

He observed that  journalism in Nigeria is not what Journalism should be . He said,  “\n Enugu now, stories are written for you  to publish, it’ s not what it Journalism should be”.

 Aka Eze Aka

He attributed  that to  lack of trust and fear of negative reportage.

When you are compelled by the circumstances you found yourself as a journalist, tell the story as it is. Write your stories He noted that It is the  responsibility of Journalists to communicate the truth to the public.

“Your boss  needs to respect you and you earn the respect by speaking the truth , he said.

Amu-Nnadi, who was the chairman of the occasion, said , ” inorder to kill the truth, they will incapacitate you first.” 

Comrade Sam Udekwe

He lamented that a lot of media outfits do not pay, He noted that, “unless you begin to show self respect, nobody will do that for you. Write by  yourself, find a balance between writing what you see and the lies ,Be ready to speak the truth” he said.


In his speech, the Governor of Enugu state, Dr. Peter Mbah, represented by the Commissioner for Information and Communication, Aka Eze Aka assured the state government’s support for the NUJ.

He assured the corporation and friendship of the State, 

Aka Eze said  Governor Mbah  is a man who believes in delivering things unusuall through distruptive innovation, the old things had past away ,the new things have come. 

In his address the Vice President,NUJ, Zone C, Comrade Emmanuel Ifesinachi 

commended Enugu state Governor for sustaining peace and enhancing security in the state.

He urged members of the union  to support the leadership of the council, to move it forward. 

He said Press week “is a time we use to interact with the  publics,feel their pulses, engage with them to enable us to design more effective strategies for interrogating the governance processes and programmes for the good of the society.

“It is our expectation that, while we interact under this informal setting, the Government and the general public should, not only appreciate the contributions of the Media to the development of Democracy in Nigeria but also express their unalloyed solidarity and support to the union in our efforts to ensure effective and efficient flow of information that will help to build the needed better and understanding  for the much desired peace, security and development of the Country”, Ifesinachi said.. 

He commended the Enugu State Council of the NUJ and journalists in the Council  for leading in the effort to promote and advance the practice of journalism in Nigeria through your programmes and strict adherence to the ethics of the profession.

  “You have unarguably maintained leadership among the Councils in the Zone evident in the good conduct and professionalism you have exhibited in the course of your practices”, he said..

The Vice President commended the governor of Enugu State and other governors of the South  East States for their efforts to improve the security situation of the Zone, which was not very healthy.

“While they sustain  the efforts towards peace and tranquility,  I charge Journalists in the Zone to adopt the principle of responsive, responsible and development journalism  in order to support the political leadership, in their  drive, as partners for the Safety, Good Governance and Economic Development of this Zone.

“Let me again commend the leadership of this Council for being consistent in the execution of Union activities and urge our members to give them maximum support to enable them to have a remarkable and successful tenure of office,’ he said.

He also commended the 2023 Press Week Committee,  professional colleagues for their contributions and support to the success of the event and for honouring the Union with their presence. 

Earlier in his speech, the Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Enugu state council, Comrade Sam Udekwe, observed  that,  “Journalism has always  played a crucial role in the backbone of any democracy, providing a voice for the voiceless, holding the powerful accountable  and informing the public about the truth.”

He said that Journalists can proudly claim that they are the guardians of truth in a world that often seems clouded by misinformation, disinformation and ultimately confusion .

” This past year, we have all experienced unprecedented challenges that have been their toll on our profession. From the political unrest to the ride effect of the gone subsidy, we have faced obstacles that have questioned the very essence of our existence as a  democratic and an independent nation. However, or is during these challenging time that the true spirit and importance of journalism shine through .

Ohe chairman urged members to maintain decency and moderation while carrying out heir duties . He noted that  “We have unique ability to amplify the voices  of marginalised communities, she’d light on corruption  and bring attention to the most pressing issues that will shape the our future”..

He commended the Governor of Enugu state, Dr. Peter Mbah for ” maintaining the path of  conviviality with the Journalism community toed by his predecessor , Rt. Hon.  Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi

He appealed to the state Governor ” to prevail on the activities of  some  of the Government. agents  to prevent  them from deviating from his Execuhe character in dealing  with the press”.

He also appealed to the state Government to assist the Council in landscaping  of the press centre and provision of utility  bus for the council..” Infact, Enugu state remains the only NUJ council without a utility  vehicle.

Highlights of the event were presentation of awards to Emmanuel Okoh, a Humanitarian, Hon. Dennis.  Nnamdi Agbo, Mr and Mrs  Thomas Purity Takoh, Hon. Chinedu Arthu- Ugwa Felix (JP), and Sani Friday Nnaji and musical presentation.

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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