Enugu Govt holds fire fighting workshop for science teachers,  calls for enforceable policies on fire safety

Enugu state Government, Wednesday, held a One-Day fire fighting workshop for science teachers , principals and VIce-Principals of Science schools in the state, with a call on policy makers to formulate enforceable policies to promote fire safety.


Director, Enugu state Fire Service, Engr. Okwudiri Ohaa made the call  in his keynote address presented at the  workshop held at Science Technical, Vocational Schools, Management Board(STVSMB), Enugu.

He said the Theme of the workshop: “Taking Fire Safety to Science,bTechnical and Vocational Schools/ Colleges in Enugu state: A Grassroots Inculcation”, was crucial in the light of the increasing incidences  of fires  and other emergences that have affected  schools  and educational  institutions .” It is therefore, essential to take  proactove measures  towards fire prevention, preparedness,  and response in facilities such as these”, Ohaa said.

He maintained that the importance of fire safety cannot be overemphasised., noting that , ” fire can cause severe  damage, not  only to properties but also to human lives.

He said ,”according to the National Fire Protection Association,  between 2014 and 2018, there was an average of 3,740 fires per year in educational properties.. It is therefore, imperative to require and enforce  fire safety standards in our schools and colleges.

Ohaa and participants

“Hiis Excellency, Dr. Barr.. Ndubuisi Mbah, recognizes this and is passionate about improving fire safety in Enugu state schools and Colleges. His commitment to making Enugu state fire-safe  has led to the provision  of modern  fire fighting equipment and the recruitment of more firefighters. However, creating awareness and disseminating knowledge on fire safety practices is a vital aspect of fire prevention.”, Ohaa said.

The Director also  said that “the workshop will arm staff, principals and vice -proncipals of STVSMB with the knowledge and skills required to prevent, mitigate and respond to fires in their schools.”

 To achieve the goal of taking fire safety to schools and colleges, Ohaa said  we must adopt grassroots approach. “This involves working with schools leaders to create a culture of fire safety in schools, starting from the students to staff and the community around each school.”


 According to the Fire Service boss, “enforceable policies are necessary to promote fire safety in schools and colleges. Policies  that mandate regular fire drill practices, creation of fire prevention teams, and routine fire safety equipment checks are essential. 

“School administrators need to ensure that firefighting equipment , such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and  fire alarms are installed and functional”, he said.

. Pix- Demonstration of use of fire extinguisher

On the activities of his organisation, Ohaa said, “Enugu state Fire Service under my leadership, had been an integral part of fire prevention and fighting in the region. With a dedicated team of fighters, we have been working tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of residents including schools and students from fire outbreaks.

Pix- Participants


He disclosed that the state Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah,  has approved the  installation of fire extinguishers in the Science ,Technical, Vocational Schools, Management Board(STVSMB), Ohaa added that Muster point will  be installed . ” We are going to take fire service closer to the people. We believe that fire service will be built in  every local government,” 

Speaking, Comrade Nwoga Brown Obiora J, The Head of Board & Director of Administration/Supplies, STVSMB Enugu thanked the state Governor for approving the training.

He said the training was very important, recalling there was a time a structure at the board was gutted by fire and Enugu Fire Service came to their rescue.

Nwoga thanked the officers and men of the Enugu state Fire Service for the training He expressed confidence that participants ,which comprised management of the board, Principals, Vice -Proncipals , staff of Special Science Schools I Enugu state will train others at their various schools.

The adminstrative head said fire extinguishers were installed in the environent of the board. He assured that the training will be taken to the grassroot.

In his presentation on  Causes of Fire  and  Classifications,  Assistant Chief Fire Officer, (ACFO) and the State Operation Officer,  Enugu state Fire Service , Ken Ngwu, said .”For fire to occur there must be three essential elements . They are, fuel, oxygen, and  heat,   

Ngwu mentioned some causes of fire to include , carelessness, accident, willful act, ( arson). He said people should not ignore certain things like, checking the gas cylinder to know if it’s leaking or not. 

In his presentation ,  Engr. Chika Ogbu, Principal Fire Officer, Enugu state Fire Service, advised people to  pay attention to their  cooking to avoid fire incident.  overloading of extentiion ,suckets.

On safety  using expired gas cylinder, Ogbu said  you don’t fill it  to the fullest. He explained that  High pressure can make expired cylinder to  explode. He advised people not to fill their cylinders  to the fullest. When the cylinder  is  on fire, use cloth and cover the cylinder, the fire will go off, he said.

On his part, Fire officer, Peter Anike, 

spoke on fire fighting, the use of fire extinguisher, chemical powerder,, others. He said  one must select a proper fire extinguisher for the type of fire to be put off .

Highlight  of the event was a practical demonstration of use of fire extinguisher to put off fire.

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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