FG to run integrity test on a section of Enugu bridge,commences work soon on collasped section

Enugu state Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah Thursday, September 28, accompanied the minister of works, Engr. Dave Umahi to new Artisan , Enugu/ PortHarcourt Express road Enugu, to inspect the collasped bridge , with the assurance that work will commence soon on the collapsed section and  there will be an intergrity test on the other section of the bridge 

Umahi(L) Mbah(R)

The Governor made this known while Fielding question from newsmen ,after they had inspected the collasped section of the bridge.

He  thanked the minister for his prompt response, which he said,  “jj the president’s commitment  when he took his oat of office.

” He committed to lead with compassion. He also committed to run an nclusive government .

“We had reached out to the Federal Government. Within 48 hours the minister is right here with us to carry out an inspection and we are here to find a solution as to how we can at least get one section of the bridge to continue to at least  accommodate our people.

” So ,there is going to be an intergrity test as the minister has said , done on the section of the bridge that is not broken and once that intergrity test shows that were are able to use that section of the bridge, we are going to go ahead .

If that shows that we are able to use that section of the road, we are  going to go ahead to use it , but they should spend no time  in starting work with the section that is bad. 

” So, he is here , he has his contractors with him with his contractors   So, they want to immediately swing into action  . So, we are truly blessed with the action taken do far by the minister and indeed the president , he said.

Earlier, the minister commended Governor Mbah for being proactive. He said he has read the report sent by the Governor concerning the collasped bridge.

“When you have a leader who love people, who is committed to what leadership of the people ought to be, you must get a support.”
“That’s why I visited so that I could brief the president.
“What has happened here is very unfortunate. I have read the report. I have also read the report sent to us and the pictures.

“So, we are going to look at the second bridge and see how far the remedial work will be done and we are going to scale up the reconstruction of the two bridges, alongside with the road construction.

“I want to assure you that we will do that and so I directed the contractors to do everything to provide an alternative route

“We are going to work on the second bridge, so to ascertain the intergrity and see if we can use it both sides while we demolish this one and start reconstructiom. The water is not the problem.There is going to be a case filing and the process will start immediately, the minister said.

“This bridge that collasped pictures have gone very viral. A lot of people were sending the pictures to me, a lot of people were calling. Am sure when they see. two of us they will find out that the president iBola Ahmad Tinubu listens., He said

Umahi commended Governor Mbah for the

steps he has taken so far in the governance of Enugu state, saying,
“There must be a change. We must take back our country. We must put Nigeria ahead of all of us. So, thank you very much”, he told Governor Mba

The ministet congratulated the governor for winning at the Enugu Governorship Elections tribunal and urged those going to court to stop wasting their time.

“You are a very successful private sector person and you are going to bring it to bare, in the governance of Enugu state.and Enugu state is the pride of the entire south east and of course the East Central state and let me also thank you for courageously stopping sit-at-home. It is a major thing you have done for the Igbos, major thing you have done for the country.

” We are very proud of you, So, we will continue to support you, we will continue to pray for you and urge whosoever that is distracting you that they should understand the steps of God and know that you are divine..

“Thank you very much Your Excellency, we are very proud of you and I assure you that Mr President is going to do something”, he said.

author: Maureen Ikpeama

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