Synod: Archbishop Chukwuma charges Christians to be committed in the service of God,walk in faith

Archbishop of Enugu Eccliastical Province and Bishop of Enugu Diocese,  Anglican Communion,His Grace,Most Rev  Prof. Emmanuel Chukwuma, has charged Christians to be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, and be committed in the service of God . 

This was contained in the  Presidential address and Bishop’s charge (which is his last before retirement)he delivered  to the third session of  the 18th Synod  of the Diocese of Enugu on Friday, at the Cathedral Church  of Good Shepherd,Enugu.

Speaking on the Theme of the synod, ” Continue in the Faith,” Archbishop Chukwuma said that the journey of faith is a walk with God through his son , Jesus Christ,  is not just a once-and- for-all commitment, it is a daily faithful following and walking  in the steps of the Master.

He noted that several doctrinal  errors and deviations abound today all over  the world. “The Christian and practice  seemingly stand  at the crossroads and we are pressed on every side, yet, we do not loose faith neither do we waiver  in our confidence in the living  truth of God’s word. 

“God is ever faithful  and dependable  and those who put their trust ( faith) in him, he will  never foresake,” he said.

According to the Archbishop, “continuing in faith is a consistent commitment to the living word and will of God in  perverse and crooked generation. It is beginning,  standing and stopping where the word begins, stands and stops. 

“We are not ignorant that the spirit speaks expressly, that in later times some shall depart from the faith, giving  heed to seducing spirits, doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their consciences seared with hot iron.

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“Time is coming and now is when people do not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lists they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears and many have turned away their ears  from the truth and have turned into fables.

“I charge you this day, to be watchful in all things ,endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist and make full proof of your faith and ministry .We are stepping aside but our joy know no end when we see that you are consistent, you are contending for and you are continuing in faith “, Archbishop Chukwuma said.

The Cleric who has served nearly 35years in the episcopacy and  nearly over  45 years of the ordained ministry in the Church of God ,thanked God for the grace bestowed on him and his family, saying, “we cannot thank God enough for the uncommon grace he has shown us ,in the mountains and valleys of the journey”.

He said their episcopal journey  began in Bauchi and is being rounded -off at the Diocese of Enugu. He thanked all who had supported them in their journey.

Earlier, before presenting his address and charge, Archbishop Chukwuma spoke on the state of the nation, describing Muhammad Buhari administration as the  worst administration he has ever seen. The Cleric said that Buhari administration is the most corrupt and worst administration he has ever seen. 

He urged President Tinubu to probe  former  ministers in Buhari  administration namely, former minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, former minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Faruk; and the Governor of Central Bank,Godwin Emefiele and address the hardship occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy, an action he described as bad start for Tinubu.

He urged the Christians not to be despaired because of the hardship and disappointments of the institutions and leaders in the Nigeria.

“There is no doubt that people in this country are passing through a very difficult time. We have all seen the election that was held with all the efforts made by people in the country to make sure a credible election was done. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) promised us a fair, credible and honest election. But unfortunately, what we saw at the end of it was that INEC disappointed us. Most of the elections in some areas were rigged.

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“Not only that, we found that what is happening today and in tribunals, the evidence as it is being made and being presented is not being taken seriously by the court. So, we are looking unto the judiciary to do the needful to make sure the truth and justice is done, to make us to have a credible and trustworthy election

“It is true that the present government has taken the election as fair and credible but election observers have not only condemned the conduct of the election, Nigerians also saw the INEC renege on its repentant promise to upload the results to the iREV from the polling stations immediately after counting the ballots. “Not only was this not done, INEC simply summarised their atrocities as clichés. And we commend the government of United States of America for its move to sanction all those involved in undermining the conduct of the 2023 general election. Governments of other countries that advocate democracy are also encouraged to follow suit.

“Our institutions should be strengthened by laws which should also ensure INEC becomes totally independent, especially of the executive arm of government. Persons who are committed to making the country work must be searched out for appointment into sensitive positions like the INEC chairman and this will ease the burden of avoidable election litigations in courts.”

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“As some of our bishops have already proposed, we’re looking forward that those who will be in charge of election petition tribunals will be retired judges not serving judges because we don’t trust them.

“Judiciary on the other hand must rise up and be courageous in dispensing justice to save its already battered image in the eyes of the people. The judges must be incorruptible, and should come down hard on those who after subverting our election laws and boldly tell their opponents to go to court, believing they have the judges in their pockets”, Archbishop Chukwuma said.

The Synod accepted the Presidential address and Charges as a working document

Author: Maureen Ikpeama

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