Souls of Nigerians killed, abducted under Buhari  government will haunt  him for the rest of his life-Journalist 

A Nigerian journalist  has expressed displeasure over the  eight years of president Buhari’s ladministration.
The Journalist, former Deputy Editor of the defunct Nigerian Compass, Chief Femi Shodunke, said that the souls of those killed and kidnapped under his administration would haunt him forever.
Shodunke, who is based in Canada ,  reacted to a post on a social media platform that Buhari would be addressing the nation. He said that the President has divided Nigerians among themselves by his style of governance .

“Who needs his address? I’ve lost listening to the presidential address since the nepotic leader started his first term. He has dissuaded me, and apparently, a lot of Nigerians, from staying glue to the TV and radio and listen to the president speak.”
“What’s he going to say? He debased, to me, that office and divided Nigerians more, and took us back to where it may take us a long time to recover from the cord of disunity he threw us, and the country, into,” a peeved Shodunke emphasized.
“If it’s possible for him to read or hear me, tell him that I’m not ready to listen to whatever he intends to say. Instead, I’m anxiously waiting for his exit in few days time.”
 “Please, tell him that the souls of the innocent ones who involuntary died (due to bad government policies under his administration), killed by Boko Haram, bandits, herdsmen, maimed, and abducted (some still missing now) will, insha Allah, haunt him for the rest of his life.
“I don’t care, let him come and arrest me or seek my extradition because of exercising my freedom of speech about the President, who behaved as if he’s the President of the Federal Republic of Northern Nigeria, “he said.

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