Obidient Movement throws support for Peter Mba

A political group under the auspices of ObidientMovement has pledged support for the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, in the March 18 election Governorship election. 

Speaking in Enugu on Tuesday, a founding member of the group,  Kennedy Iyere, said Dr. Mbah said has character, competence and capacity, to lead Enugu.

He said: “We stand here today to identify with you, Barr. Peter Mbah. The potential that you have, has compelled the Obidients to come to you. You are going to be the next governor of this state because you have all it takes to lead the state well.

“The competence that spoke for Peter Obi is now speaking for Peter Mbah. The capacity that speaks for Peter Obi also speaks for Peter Mbah. Peter Obi built Fidelity Bank. He also built Next Cash ‘N Carry. Peter Mbah built Pinnacle Oil and Gas. He also built other successful businesses. Anybody that has not built anything is not fit to govern one of the greatest Igbo states.

“Peter Obi became a movement because we saw beauty in him that the PDP didn’t see. The same beauty we have seen in Mbah, we are telling Enugu people to see.

“What you can give to the Obidients movement is good governance when you become governor of this state.

“For the peace of Enugu State, political stability, good governance, the welfare of the citizens, the security of the citizens, you need to look out for a man with character. Obi has character; that was why we didn’t look at other presidential candidates, regardless of the money that they had.

“The same way we pulled Peter Obi out, is the way we are pulling Peter Mbah out to be the face of Obidients Movement in Enugu State. We’re endorsing you because of your character. We are endorsing you because of your competence. We are endorsing you because of your capacity. You’re our favourite candidate and the preferred candidate.

“Any other candidate perambulating under the auspices of the Obidients revolution in Enugu State is fake. Labour Party did not form the Obidients movement. Peter Obi didn’t form the Odibients movement. But Peter Obi now got name after the Obidients movement because of whom Peter is.

“Legitimacy also speaks for you. Peter Obi has told us on Arise Television to support anybody with character, competence, capacity, and credibility. So, we are working in that footstep and we are transferring the mantle to Peter Mbah.

“The way Peter Obi became a revolution around the world, you are a revolution in Enugu State. But we owe you a promise; if you win and change from the Peter Mbah we know, we will also come back and fight you”.

Responding, the PDP governorship candidate, Dr. Mbah, thanked the group for pledgeing support for his candidacy. appreciated 

Mbah, reassured his determination to to solve the perennial water problem in Enugu within 180 days, build 10,000km of roads in eight years, resolve the challenges of waste management within the first 100 days in office, and move the states economy from the present $4.4 to $30 billion in eight years.

“I want to express my excitement at what is going on here today. It is actually overwhelming. I am also accepting the endorsement to serve with utmost humility, for your endorsement is remarkable because of what you stand for.

“The same way you have said that I didn’t look for you and that you did your research and came to the conclusion that I have what Enugu State represents; that Enugu state stands for character and competency, in the same way I can assure you that I will serve this state with forthrightness and competence”.

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