Access bank unveils new debit card for women

Access Bank has unveiled the new W Branded Debit card for women.

The unveiling took place at the Grand Finale of  “W’’ Initiative’s Womenpreneur Pitch-A-THON Season 4 in Lagos on Friday 

The Womenpreneur Pitch-a-thon program, launched in 2019, is the first women-in-business support initiative  offered by Access Bank’s W Initiative.

Chairman, Access Bank, Dr  Ajoritsedere Awosika, said: “The Access Bank card for women is an innovation and the innovation is linked with identity and the identity is linked with women.

“Everyone globally likes to have an identity.

“Not just an ordinary identity but an identity that makes you unique and gives you an opportunity to spend in a unique way and have an assurance that you are recognized.

“That is the identity we are giving to women globally.With the WCard, a card meant for women , women of integrity, women who can go out there and stand on their own in the business world and for women who are able to walk in the lanes of integrity like access bank believes.’’

On some of the functions of the card, she said it gives identity, builds esteem, ensures equity, enables women who have it to access numerous offers of the bank specially.

Earlier while introducing the W Branded Debit Card, Group Head, Marketing and Communications, Access Bank, Chioma Afe, 

said: “The Wcard is about empowering women.

“A survey was done on how women want to be differentiated, called and how we want to stand out in the market; that was how the idea around the female differentiated debit card was born.

“At Access bank, we already had unique offerings for our female customers, so why not a debit card? when you hold it, it is not just Access, it says you are female, you are strong, you are impactful, you are innovative and you are inspiring and inspirational.

“ So, we decided to have a specially branded female Wcard.’’

Presentingthe first issued WCard to the “first citizen of Access bank’’- Deputy Managing Director Retail Banking, South, Dere Awosika, Chizoma Okoli, said a lot went into the card before the team finally settled for a design .

“The card is special and shows that  women are special. Created for every woman, with it , one can shop online and pay  bills.

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